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  • International design – widely accepted
  • Zero leakage – sophisticated screw cap with integrated sealing saucer/cup inserts
  • 100% drainable
  • Pilfer evident sealing arrangement
  • Re-engineered packs for cost savings
  • Stackable with or without pallets
  • Optimum space utilization – side handles could be tucked-in
  • Venting/degasification caps available
  • Designed for complete safety and maximum usage of shipping container
  • Large printing area for aesthetic marking
  • Long life, high resale value

International Narrow Mouth Drums

Capacity and Dimensions

Model Dimensions (L x W) Height (mm)
SNM 20 285 x 285 365
INM 20 285 x 285 435
INM 25 285 x 285 500

Al Nour Polycans are undoubtedly the strongest, safest and most cost-effective packaging solutions and are easily the preferred choice over jerry cans/carbouys. Specially designed for extreme handling conditions, they are suited for domestic and export packaging. And are the latest international trends in packaging.